Duotone Pro Center Boa Vista is the ultimate destination for kite lessons in Cape Verde! Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate rider, or an advanced kitesurfer, our center is committed to delivering personalized private and semi-private lessons tailored to your individual skill level. Equipped with the latest gear from Duotone Kiteboarding and safety equipment from ION, our primary goal is to assist you in establishing a solid foundation, instilling the confidence to venture out independently and refine your kite skills.

Nestled at Praia Carlota on the west coast of Boa Vista, our spot provides an exceptional learning environment characterized by smooth waters and expansive space, ideal for mastering waterstarts, refining your riding technique, or learning new tricks. With wind conditions typically ranging between 15 - 25 knots and less gusty winds compared to other spots in the area, our location is perfect for a seamless kitesurfing experience. Whether the wind is side-offshore or offshore, rest assured, our standby rescue boat is ready at all times. Moreover, our spot's deep waters make it an excellent location for foiling, allowing for an incredible kitefoiling experience right from the entry point.

At our premier kite school, we not only provide top-notch lessons and equipment but also an unmatched environment that makes learning and progressing in kitesurfing a fantastic experience.


DPC Boa Vista is an IKO-affiliated center. All our kiteboarding instructors are IKO qualified. 

The whole variety of DUOTONE kites and kiteboards adequate for our lesson program is available at our kitesurf school.

Our lesson plan is adapted to your individual needs. The maximum number of participants is limited to 2 students per instructor.

Kitesurfing lessons

Beginner kitesurf lesson

In the BEGINNER kitesurf course you will learn

  • How to set up the kite & how to pack down the equipment
  • How the safety systems work
  • The correct control of the kite bar
  • About the wind window (power and neutral zones)
  • How to fly the kite with two and one hand(s)
  • How to bodydrag (downwind and upwind)
  • How to relaunch the kite from the water
  • How to put the board on your feet
  • The waterstart and how to ride
  • How to perform a self-rescue

Level: beginners 
Requirement: being able to swim, for kids the minimum weight is 35 kg
Duration: 2 hours
Group ratio: private or semi-private
Equipment: Duotone kiteboarding gear included

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The INTERMEDIATE kitesurf course is designed for riders aspiring to achieve true independence in kitesurfing. The course content is entirely customizable based on your abilities and preferences. Opting for this kite class is an excellent decision if you aim to enhance your confidence within a supervised and secure environment.


Level: intermediate riders
Requirement: being able to swim, able to go upwind, for kids the minimum weight is 35 kg
Duration: 1 - 6 hours 
Group ratio: private
Equipment: Duotone kiteboarding gear included

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advanced kitesurf LESSON

This program is crafted for kitesurfers eager to push their limits. The ADVANCED kitesurf course covers an array of advanced skills, including big air, single/multiple forward and backward rotations, kite loops, power jumps, and radical hooked/unhooked tricks. Your instructor will be in close proximity, ensuring timely and effective instructions throughout the session.


Level: advanced kitesurfers 
Requirement: being able to swim, independent kitesurfers
Duration: 1 hour
Group ratio: private coaching
Equipment: Duotone kiteboarding gear included

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strapless KITEsurf LESSON

In this strapless kite course, you will learn essential strapless skills such as performing the water start with a directional board, mastering smooth rides, executing directional changes, and optionally exploring new tricks. If you are interested in wave riding, there are a few wave spots in close proximity to our center where we can teach you how to enter a wave, ride it, and get back safely to the lineup.


Level: advanced kitesurfer
Requirement: being able to swim, independent kitesurfer
Duration: 1 - 6 hours 
Group ratio: private or semi-private
Equipment: Duotone kiteboarding gear included

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kitefoil LESSON


Foiling is often considered to be very difficult. Nevertheless, we are confident that, equipped with the appropriate gear and guidance, any proficient kitesurfer can acquire the skill to effortlessly glide in complete control above the water. As kite foiling demands proficiency in kitesurfing, our foil lessons are exclusively offered to experienced and advanced kitesurfers.


Level: advanced kitesurfers 
Requirement: being able to swim, independent kitesurfers
Duration: 1 hour
Group ratio: private coaching
Equipment: Duotone kitefoil gear included

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